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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

Spring Vale Christian School focuses on teaching our students how to learn, think, and communicate.

We are not teaching our students what to think. We are teaching them how to think. We seek to establish a foundation for thinking in our grammar schools by teaching them foundational mastery. Math facts, how to write a paragraph, spelling, and key events from history and Scripture help form a foundation for thinking well.

Our upper school students are always living in "Four Worlds."  As they participate in the "Great Conversation" of reading the classics of western civilization, we are always asking students,  
1. What does the author think?

2. What does our world think?

3. What do you think?

4. What does the Bible say?

By asking these questions and through teachers guiding these discussions, we are helping parents raise leaders and thinkers.

We also teach Latin, Greek, Logic, woodworking, music, and art.

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