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Spring Vale offers financial scholarships in select areas to encourage students to develop the talents God has given them and strive for the excellence He desires.


Scholarships are available to all students based on past and present performance. Scholarships are awarded for merit, while the SOS Work-Study program helps with financial needs. Students may apply to both programs, but only one award per student is allowed.


To be considered for a scholarship, students must do the following:


• Determine which scholarship they wish to apply for.
• Complete the scholarship application. (Incomplete applications will not be considered.)
• Send all additional required materials (essays, transcripts, letters of recommendation) to Spring Vale by August 15th for the school year and January 15th for Spring Semester.


Available Scholarships:

Academic Scholarship
Athletic Scholarship
Community Scholarship
Denver COG7 Scholarship

John & Addie Brann Scholarship
Music Scholarship

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