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RaiseRight  | (SVCS Enrollment Code: AAE1E26D71275)

How it works: Raise money by purchasing gift cards at face value
Shop 750+ top brands and immediately earn up to 20% on every gift card you buy. You can easily raise $1,000 or more every year, providing money for our various needs with each purchase. Cards can be physical, electronic, or available on the RaiseRight App.

Use gift cards at full value for your daily purchases
Earnings come from brands, not from your pocket, so gift cards are worth every penny. Raise money simply by doing everyday things—like grabbing your morning coffee or ordering dinner for the family. 

How to get started
Create an account on the RaiseRight app or at using our organization’s enrollment code: AAE1E26D71275


Please watch the short video on the benefits of scrip.

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