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Spring Vale’s network of donors and student sponsors is ready to help make tuition affordable for families facing financial challenges, covering up to 20% of tuition for qualifying families.

*Financial aid is only awarded to:

  -families who can prove their financial needs
  -full-time SVCS students attending classes on campus

Families in need of financial assistance must apply for financial aid and obtain Sponsors to cover any remaining cost of tuition.
Click here to use our Sponsorship Calculator. 


Secure Your Sponsors

Many students who attend Spring Vale have their tuition sponsored by relatives, close friends, local businesses, and churches. Students seeking financial aid are required to secure Sponsors to cover their remaining cost of tuition via our Sponsorship Commitment Form.

The best way to secure sponsorship for your child is to write a letter to individuals and organizations that you think would support your child’s Christian education. Here is a sample letter that you can customize. Sample Sponsor Solicitation Letter:
Sample Sponsorship Letter.

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