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The education of your child is an incredible journey. At SVCS, we are committed to being your partner in preparing your children to live out their lives as disciples of Christ and teaching them how to walk the path with courage, integrity, and wisdom.

As a private Junior Kindergarten-12 Christian school, we offer an exceptional educational experience utilizing a Classical teaching model. Founded in 1946 and blessed with a 76 year legacy of Christian Education, a 140-acre campus, and one of the country's most affordable tuition rates. Spring Vale aims to produce intelligent, articulate, and well-read graduates that exhibit great character.

We strive daily to create an environment that fosters academic excellence, leadership development, and training for high moral character based on Biblical principles. Our mission is to prepare Christian Leaders well versed in God's Word and ready to fulfill His calling.


​Andra Sandy

Business Manager

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Spring Vale strives to make Christian education accessible to every family who desires it. For qualified families challenged by the cost of tuition, we offer financial aid, scholarships, and loans. Please get in touch with us to learn more.



Register before April - $0
Register before May - $50
Register before June - $100
Register after
 June - $150
*Payment is collected when submitting the Enrollment Application

Book Fee due August 1 - $200
Laptop Fee due upon check-out - $75
Sports Fee due upon sign-up - $150/sport
JK-6 Afterschool Care - $10/day |$150/month discount (if paid in advance)



Get $500 off tuition for each new student you refer!

Multiple Student:
15% - 2nd Student  |  30% - 3rd Student  |  50% - 4+ Students

50% Full-Time Ministry  |  25% Part-Time Ministry
*SVCS Criteria must be met

Tuition Prepayment:
5% Annual - August 1 |  2.5% Semester - August 1 & January 1

SVCS Staff:
*See SVCS Policy Manual for Details



Spring Vale offers financial scholarships in select areas to encourage students to develop the talents God has given them and strive for the excellence He desires.


Scholarships are available to all students and are based on past and present performance. Scholarships are awarded for merit, while the SOS Work-Study program helps with financial needs. Students may apply to both programs, but only one award per student is allowed.


To be considered for a scholarship, students must do the following:


• Determine which scholarship they wish to apply for.
• Complete the scholarship application. (Incomplete applications will not be considered.)
• Send all additional required materials (essays, transcripts, letters of recommendation) to Spring Vale by August 15th for the school year and January 15th for Spring Semester.


Available Scholarships:

Academic Scholarship
Art Scholarship
Athletic Scholarship
Community Scholarship
Denver COG7 Scholarship

John & Addie Brann Scholarship
Linda & Walter VonDoloski Foundation Scholarship
Music Scholarship

Work-Study Scholarship



Spring Vale’s network of donors and student sponsors is ready to help make tuition affordable for families facing financial challenges, covering up to 25% of tuition for qualifying families.

*Financial aid is only awarded to:

  -families who can prove their financial needs
  -full-time SVCS students attending classes on campus

Families in need of financial assistance must apply for financial aid and obtain Sponsors to cover any remaining cost of tuition.
Click here to use our Sponsorship Calculator. 


Secure Your Sponsors

Many students who attend Spring Vale have their tuition sponsored by relatives, close friends, local businesses, and churches. Students seeking financial aid are required to secure Sponsors to cover their remaining cost of tuition via our Sponsorship Commitment Form.

The best way to secure sponsorship for your child is to write a letter to individuals and organizations that you think would support your child’s Christian education. Here is a sample letter that you can customize. Sample Sponsor Solicitation Letter:
Sample Sponsorship Letter.



See if you qualify for a loan with Dort to cover your tuition expenses.

Click here 




Medical Release Form
Physical Exam Form
Phone-Home Visit-IChat Release
 (New Students Only)
Transfer-Release Form (New Students Only)

Health Insurance Card (if applicable)
Social Security Card (New Students Only)
Birth Certificate (New Students Only)
Immunization Waiver or Immunization Records

Please send all documentation via email to: office@springvale.us.


To request more information:

Contact our Office

Mon-Fri | 8am - 4pm


You can also request more information with this form:

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